Wordless Wednesday – Working the Barley Plot


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Seeding Barley – My First Step to Growing Beer

A flavourful, sugary wort is the point in the brewing process where the brewer steps back and lets nature take it’s course. The brewer has provided their chosen yeast a hospitable environment with plenty of food so it can go about it’s natural process of consuming sugar and producing alcohol and carbon dioxide. One of the three components of a good wort and it’s source of fermentable sugar is barley, and barley is where my endeavour to grow beer begins.


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For the Love of Beer

This is the space where I hope to document my experience of turning a patch of my country vegetable garden into an estate ale and all the projects and processes associated with that goal.

Beer:  it’s fairly inexpensive, easy to find and is pretty tasty.  So why would anyone want to make something you could pick up locally at a reasonable price? Well, lots of reasons, but for me the reason is the satisfaction that comes from making something with my hands that I, as well as others, can enjoy. And the fact that it’s fun doesn’t hurt either. When I share it with my friends, who happen to be some pretty awesome beer geeks, we share our thoughts, learn from one another and our knowledge and appreciation for beer grows. Continue reading