Hi, my name is Dave and I love beer.  Everything about beer. Drinking it, making it, reading about its history, pairing it with food, beer events and festivals, beer-cations, EVERYTHING! This blog focuses on my attempt to grow it. That’s right, GROW…

Living in a rural community my entire life I’ve always been around farms and enjoy watching a bare patch of soil transform from spring to summer and into fall.  Spring brings in new green colour, and warm sun, summer sees the crops flourish, and fall brings the harvest season — which also happens to be a great beer drinking time!  My rural farmland upbringing got me to thinking, “hey, beer is great, and brewing it is fun… what if you brewed a beer from stuff you grow?” and here we are.

I will attempt to grow my own beer and document all that goes along with the process. From sowing the barley, growing hops, malting, the beer making process, and all the little projects in between that make it possible. The end result being an Estate Ale grown right in my back yard.

Since growing things often involves a lot of hurry up and wait, as well as a lot of boring things like weeding, along the way I will wander off on other beery tangents. Beer is such a diverse topic and I happen to have some really great friends with their own views on beer, brewing and events, and we often get together with some great beers to talk about a subject near and dear to our hearts — BEER!

So I’ll just grab a glass of beer, put my boots on and get growing.





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